Congratulations! This beautiful and unique music will enhance the experience for the couple as well as all the wedding guests. We will work closely with you in planning how to utilize the bagpipes on this special day. Some popular options are:

-Bagpiper playing as guests arrive, either outside or inside, (though keep in mind, they are loud- Scottish smallpipes are a quieter, more mellow option you might want to consider in some situations, depending upon the location, etc.)

-Bagpipes playing during processional / recessional.

-Bagpipes coming-in right after the, "you may kiss the bride," (or equivalent,) line, playing as the crowd cheers and the couple kisses, smiles, etc.

-A waltz or other dance tune played on the bagpipes while the couple dances their, "first dance".

An original composition can also be written to commemorate the couple and the day. This service costs $250 and includes the written score as well as a recording of the song played on bagpipes.