The soulful sound of bagpipes ascending heavenward is, for many, a reminder of loved ones no longer present. The instrument sets a peaceful tone for funerary and memorial services.

We will work closely with you in planning our part in the services for your loved one. Some popular choices are:

-Bagpiper playing at the graveside or memorial site, (or outside the church or funeral home,) as attendees arrive.

-Bagpipes playing as the casket or urn is carried from the hearse.

-Amazing Grace, (or another tune,) played as the bagpiper stands near the site, and repeated as the bagpiper walks away, allowing the music to fade.

-Smallpipes, (a quieter, more mellow type of bagpipes,) played as a musical number during an indoor service.

An original composition can also be written to commemorate the departed. This service costs $250 and includes the written score as well as a recording of the song played on bagpipes.

I have been honored to play bagpipes at many funerals and memorial services, but it has never ceased to be a humbling experience for me. Whether a family service for a loved one, Military rites for a soldier, or an 'in-memoriam' ceremony for a community hero, the dignity and import of the occasion are foremost in my mind as I prepare for and carry out the performance. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this special way, with my instrument and the music of the past and present.