Learn to Play

Please: don't buy bagpipes yet!

Here is some helpful advice about picking a good practice chanter.  That's where we start when learning bagpipes, don't buy bagpipes until you can talk with other pipers, they will help you avoid buying "non-musical-instrument" bagpipes, which are surprisingly common on the internet.

Free Group Class

Garden Valley Pipe Band is a non-profit charity which provides a weekly class in Utah County where students of all ages and skill levels learn to play the bagpipes and associated drumming styles.

This weekly, group-format class is completely free.  The instructors are among the best in the region with many years of playing, competing, and teaching experience.  Click here for more info.

Here is the free book used for these classes, as well as a companion audio playlist and, if you can't make it to class or could use some more help, a companion video series as well.

Dojo University

If time constraints or geographical distance make it difficult to attend classes or private lessons, the Piper's Dojo - Dojo University is an excellent option.  High-quality instruction for pipers at all levels from beginner to advanced, and it's all available 24/7 exclusively on-line.

Heritage Bagpipes is proud to partner with Dojo University and you can give it a risk-free trial run for just $1 by using this link: Click here for a free, thirty-day Dojo U test-drive!

James has been teaching others to play bagpipes since 2007.  He has instructed people of all ages and of all skill-levels, and comes highly recommended by past and current students.  Whether you're a skilled musician or a complete new-comer to music, James will help you learn to play the bagpipes.

James is connected to a large network of instructors in the area, whether via the classes above, private lessons, or lessons with another instructor, he will help you find a way to learn this unique instrument.

If you are interested in learning to play bagpipes and the above options do not fit your needs due to distance, time restraints, cost, etc. or if you simply want more one-on-one, focused attention, contact James for info. regarding availability and cost of private instruction.  Lessons are available on-line and in-person.